About us

Wonder Active is a Spanish sports fashion brand born with a vocation to bring the concept of Sport-à-Porter closer to modern women. We want to celebrate active life and enjoy everyday moments without giving up style and showing off a neat aesthetic. At Wonder Active we pursue technological innovation without neglecting the artisan essence of each garment, making in workshops with a long textile tradition. In addition, we consider ourselves a sustainable and coherent firm, since Wonder Active's environmental commitment cuts across all areas; packaging, product and commercial strategies.


Wonder Active is created by and for demanding women, whose sense of aesthetics and quality is present in all facets of their life.

Wonder Active is a cosmopolitan brand inspired by Parisian elegance, international catwalk trends and Mediterranean freshness. The creator and designer is Helena Fidalgo, who founded the firm in November 2019 with the aim of dressing women from five continents and accompanying them in and out of the gym.


Wonder Active fabrics offer all the most advanced technical features to make sports practice an exceptional experience.


high resistance to pilling


fast dry


full coverage and UV protection


fitting with bi-elastic technology


Wonder Active's sustainable commitment cuts across all areas; packaging, product and commercial strategies.

We work with workshops in Portugal (500km from our logistics center), in order to minimize our carbon footprint and also support the European textile industry and its ethical workforce.

Our garments are made with sustainable fabrics of European origin. Natural fibers such as cotton are of organic origin, obtained through a harvest without chemicals that favor the natural cycles of the earth. Synthetic fibers - irreplaceable due to their technical properties - are always of recycled and certified origin. Specifically, ECONYL fabric is obtained from the regeneration of fishing nets rescued from the oceans.

We choose to break through promotional pressures by not participating in massive sale campaigns. Instead, we are committed to quality, durability and slow fashion, creating timeless garments that survive fashions. Wonder Active is aware of solidarity causes, having collaborated with donations for the full benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

We design our packaging paying maximum attention to the environmental impact that it generates. For this reason, we substitute plastic for biodegradable materials, as in the case of our compostable 100% corn starch shipping envelopes and create reusable packaging solutions such as our organic cotton bag.

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